Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun Pictures...


The Hay Rides...
The Food...
The Hikes...
The Fun...
Jacob helped decorate the veggie Turkey!!!
We had a blast with all the Rogers for Thanksgiving this year. It's great to get together and visit with all the cousins and their kids. Great times!!!

Logan turns 5!!!

Happy 5th Birthday, Logan!!!

Favorite Breakfast: WAFFLES!!!
Five things we Love about Logan:
1. He has so many great stories to share
2. He loves to have fun
3. "He's a great little brother", says Skylar
4. "He plays with me", says Jenna
5. "He loves to have fun with everyone", says Jacob

Jacob Turns 9!!!

We had lots of November birthdays, so we celebrated them all at once!!!
Happy 9th Birthday, Jacob....
Jeff fixed Jacob's favorite breakfast, Biscuits & Gravy!!!
Nine Things we love about Jacob:
1. He is always happy
2. He is very friendly
3. His teachers all Adore him...
4. He is a good helper
5. He is a great Big brother
6. He loves to read
7. "He lets me come in his club house", says Skylar
8. "He's a pumpkin", says Jenna
9. "He plays puzzles with me", says Logan