Saturday, January 17, 2009

Logan's Fun Adventures Continued....

Logan had a little spill on his bike 2 weeks ago, and so we got to make our first trip EVER to the Emergency room (I guess after 4 kids, we were bound to be there sometime!!!)
He broke his arm and this is his story...
Logan waiting to get his arm set...

He was visited by a friendly hospital worker (can't remember the dogs name)

They had to put him to sleep so they could set his arm

Reward for being such a good boy

He has a nice little blue cast now, and it hasn't slowed him down one bit!!!


Christmas in Pinetop!!!
Logan & Skylar

BRRRR It's Cold out!!!

Building a snowman (luckily someone already did it for us, the kids just got to take a picture next to it, claim it was theirs and then knock it down!!!)

Christmas morning...Really early!!!

Christmas Eve, Jacob and Katie are Joseph and Mary
Jenna & Logan Playing NICE!!!
Breakfast with Santa