Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Times in Payson!!!

Our bike ride in the mountains!!!
Getting ready to swing off the ropes for the first time!!!
There goes Jacob!!!
Skylar & Jacob climbing back up to the top of the rocks!!!
I can't beleive Logan actually went. He is getting braver, finally!!!
Skylar is always up for something new!!!
Grandma and Grandpa Mortensen rented a cabin for the week, so we all went up to visit. The kids loved being outdoors, and loved going for walks...
Fishing with Grandpa
Skylar cast his fishing pole into the tree, so Jeff & Grandpa had to go retrieve it!!!
Logan always has to take his shoes wherever we go!!!
Yes, I even went fishing, and actually CAUGHT something!!! Can you believe it!!!

Skylar was so happy to catch a fish....
Yes, they are all small fish!!!
Jacob was the only one brave enough to take the fish off the hook!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008


Cooling off in the pool with Grandma!!!
Skylar and his pink goggles!!!
Jacob and Garrett playing X-Box!!!
Jeff (our famous cook). Thanks for the yummie steak & ribs!!!
Jeff & Bryan playing Wii
We started the day off with an early morning service project...
Jenna walking to Grandma's house!!!